Senior Leadership Course

About the course


This course is designed for advertising professionals who have recently moved into, or are aiming to move into, senior management or leadership roles within advertising agencies. It is relevant and applicable for client service, planners, media personnel, and those in creative roles.

By exploring practical insights, hard-won lessons, and their own experiences, participants will develop greater self-awareness, leadership competencies, and useful habits to help them excel in high-level positions in the dynamic and competitive advertising industry.

Led by one of the industry’s most skilled strategists, Murray Streets brings with him 25 years of hands-on experience as a strategist and senior agency leader, offering a blend of behavioural insight and leadership best practice.

Who is this for?

People from all disciplines and agency departments who have taken on, or are looking to take on, a departmental leadership or more senior management team role. This will require them to balance their specialist experience with the demands of working in a leadership team, managing the whole agency business.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the leadership paradox and how to resolve it.

  • Techniques on how to operate and interact with others, manage peers, and key stakeholders.

  • Understanding behaviour change principles and neuroscience to enable effective leadership.

  • Setting yourself up for success. Self-regulation and how to hold yourself accountable.

  • How to avoid classic traps for new leaders and avoid derailment.

  • How to manage conflicts and difficult conversations as a leader.

  • Understanding motivations for aspiring to lead.

Course structure

  • 1 Full Day

  • Exercises and practice in verbal and non-verbal communication, removing obstacles, and enabling      processes.

  • Combination of self-reflection and group reflection.

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Senior Leadership Course


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