Annual Recruitment Programme

What can we offer you

Annually, we launch our agency recruitment drive for advertising, media, and communication. We're seeking diverse, talented individuals with problem-solving skills, curiosity, and teamwork abilities. Creative thinking is essential.

Our industry combines art and science, demanding technical proficiency and creative agility. Exciting career paths await, regardless of academic background. We value diverse thinking.

Once selected, receive comprehensive Comms Council support, including mentorship, First Five Rungs, and top-notch training like Foundations in Media & Advertising.

Applications are not yet open for the annual recruitment programme but you can register your interest and we'll let you know as soon as it's open.

Register interest in annual programme

If you're interested in applying for the annual recruitment programme then register your interest and we'll let you know when applications are open.


The 2024 Comms Council recruitment programme opens for applications Tuesday 1 October where we will start interviewing and testing all applicants. 

The shortlisted candidates will meet with agencies looking for entry-level talent late January with expected start dates March/April. 

Recruitment 24 - Annual Timeline

Find the role for you

We’re on the lookout for incredible talent to join our team, and we’ve got some exciting opportunities for you! In the past, we’ve had roles that are great stepping stones into our industry.

Don’t worry if those roles don’t fit your passion – we’re open to supporting you in any role you have in mind. So find out more about these fantastic roles we promote through our recruitment programme.

Account Executive

The Account Executive, working with the wider account management team, makes sure that the relationship between the agency and the client runs smoothly.


Media Executive

A Media Executive is an entry level role, that is part of the team who are making sure that any created ads are put in the places that the intended audiences will see and respond to it.


PR Executive

PR (Public Relations) Executives are part of a team of experts who specialise in public awareness stories, as well as building and maintaining public image for a company, organisation, or product - promoting brands and protecting them.


What we need from you

To embark on your journey, it's crucial to acquaint yourself with the industry. Analyse advertisements you encounter—consider their goals, target audience, and intended impact. Which ones do you like and why?

Delve into our member agencies' remarkable portfolios. For a deeper industry grasp, connect with seasoned professionals through Insidery -, our free platform, connecting you with passionate individuals who can provide valuable insights.

If you are keen to apply for the mid-year intake, complete the steps below:

Step 1: Introduce yourselfTeal chevron pointing down

Unveil your story through a 3-5min video presentation. Showcase your genuine self, your passions, Illuminate your distinctiveness and most importantly why you want a career in advertising. What skills, experience and attributes you have that would fit well in our industry and why.

You should have done the ACE quiz and can talk about the role that was recommended for you and if you think this is a fit or if there is a particular role based on the info you’ve seen on ACE, tell us.

Step 2: Craft your CVTeal chevron pointing down

Make sure your contact (email/phone) details are clear, we don’t need a photo nor your home address. If you have a LinkedIn profile, add here, if you don’t, set one up!

Your Personal Statement should come first – showcase your skills and attributes gained during your studies and work experience and what you are passionate about in a career.

Education comes next, make it clear where and what you studied, you don’t need to include papers and grades! Highlight any academic achievements.

Then your work experience. Even if your work history isn't extensive, include pertinent details about your journey so far. Include volunteering, involvement in organisations, clubs, or community groups, as well as the skills you've honed.

Step 3: Send your applicationTeal chevron pointing down

Once you've created an engaging intro video and meticulously prepared your CV please take a moment to submit your application.

Next step: We will be in touch!