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The Comms Council is proud to present ACE – the Advertising Careers Engine – to support all those who are seeking to understand our industry and add it into their consideration set for their next career step.

Born from the need to try and demystify the complexities of the industry, and highlight that many individuals possess the sought-after skills valued by our member agencies. This platform aims to inspire, enlighten and broaden the career possibilities for those curious about pursuing a career in advertising. ACE caters to rangatahi 16 to 25, as well as their supporters and whānau.

To showcase that most people already have the skills required to join us, we invite them to take a quiz to see which group of roles aligns best with their strengths.


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Comms Council Recruitment Programmes

Are you excited to embark on an extraordinary career journey? Look no further than our recruitment programme. Our program is designed to connect you with agencies in the thrilling advertising, media, and communications industry.

It offers an incredible opportunity to dive into a comprehensive programme that enhances your skills for future career prospects, while also opening doors to secure a permanent role.

By participating in our recruitment programme, you'll gain invaluable exposure to the industry. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of advertising and media, where you can sharpen your skills and expand your professional network.



Annual Programme

Find out more about the annual programme and register your interest.

Get the inside word

The best career advice comes from those doing the job. The people with insider knowledge on what someone in the role does on a day-to-day basis, how to get started, what the workplace and people are like, how it compares to other jobs, and the honest highs and lows.

Insidery is a free platform designed to help people find the job, industry, or career path that is right for them, by connecting them with passionate people working across jobs and industries. Insiders come from across the advertising, media, marketing, communications & design industry.

Most of us pick a career based on the jobs of people we happen to know. And most hiring happens through existing connections.


Discover firsthand if their job aligns with your interests and aspirations.