News | First Five Rungs x LUMO

LUMO becomes inaugural sponsor of First Five Rungs


LUMO is pleased to announce it has become the inaugural sponsor of First Five Rungs - an initiative from the Comms Council Young Leaders Group created to support the industry’s emerging talent. 


The purpose of First Five Rungs is to mentor, guide and inspire industry newcomers during their formative years, by building a community of support and shared knowledge, and nurturing new skills and abilities. 


LUMO’s support will enable the First Five Rungs to further execute their research-based initiatives which include FFR Visits, First Five Dates - a networking event, and FFR Socials, encouraging community catch-ups. 


“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Comms Council to support the next generation of talent. First Five Rungs is a great platform for people entering the industry; to develop connections, access support and learn from peers. We’ve long admired what they are doing in this space, and supporting the programme felt like a great fit for us.” says Hamish Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of LUMO. 


Zoë MacDonald-Mair, Project Director at Quantum Jump and Chair of the First Five Rungs adds: “ The First Five Rungs have spent years strategically engaging and supporting emerging talent, and to do this properly we require the best partners on board. We’re excited to have LUMO as our sponsor, and can’t wait to see what we achieve with them by our side.”


Simon Lendrum, CEO of the Comms Council added, “Enabling emerging talent to get together and network is more important than ever post-Covid, so we’re really grateful for LUMO’s support which will allow us to hold more events and at a larger scale, meaning more benefits for the young people in our industry.”


The First Five Rungs is a Comms Council initiative made up of young people across the communications industry, whose mission is to help industry newcomers receive the best possible start.