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Foundations of Advertising & Media 2024

From your course facilitator, Dan Fastnedge:


Hello and welcome to the Advertising Foundations Course of 2024! I'm Dan, an ad dad (advertising lecturer) and former art director, and I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with you.

Starting out in advertising, I remember the thrill mixed with a touch of intimidation—deciphering the endless TLAs (three-letter acronyms) thrown around by CDs, CMOs, and CEOs felt like learning a new language. Here in our Foundations course, we'll demystify these terms and dive deep into the roles that make up New Zealand’s vibrant advertising scene. You'll meet industry leaders who are eager to share not just their knowledge but also inspirational and successful examples of great work.

Our course is designed not just to teach but to inspire. You'll tackle assignments that challenge your strategic, creative, and critical thinking—essential tools in your advertising toolkit. More importantly, the connections you forge here—from teamwork to mentorships—will influence your career long after this course ends.

I can't wait to see the energy you bring to this course and to watch you grow not just as students but as the next innovators of our industry.

Let's get started and make this a fantastic year!

Course Outline

Tuesday 11th of June - Module 1: History and ContextTeal chevron pointing down

This introductory session explores what we do and why we exist as an industry. We learn about the role creative and media agencies play in creating competitive advantages for brands. How creativity can change people’s attitudes, behaviours and relationships with brands. The session will also define media’s role as a critical lever in the marketing mix, its history, rapid evolution, the big exciting trends and how increasing understanding of human behaviour has helped to unlock its power and make it one of the most exciting and progressive industries in the world.

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Tuesday 18th of June - Module 2 & 3: Brand and CultureTeal chevron pointing down

This module looks at the importance of brands, and how to create, build and maintain a success brand. We then look at the importance of cultural competence and the impact it has on our lives, business and the brands we create.

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Tuesday 25th of June - Module 4: Media and DigitalTeal chevron pointing down

This module covers the role of media agencies and how they operate in today’s market. We explore emerging trends and platforms and the impact of digital on the advertising and media landscape.

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Tuesday 2nd of July - Module 5: The Power of Earned Marketing Teal chevron pointing down

This module will explore how you can use third party influence to drive business and marketing objectives using a mixture of Public Relations, Experiences, Partnerships, Influence and Advocacy.

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Tuesday 23rd of July - Module 6: The Art and Science of the BriefTeal chevron pointing down

What is the purpose of a good brief, and how do we find and utilise insights? How does the strategy and proposition feed in to the brief and how do we get creatives and clients really excited?

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Tuesday 30th of July - Module 7: Creative: Finding the idea and how to sell itTeal chevron pointing down

How does the magic happen? This module covers how the creatives work with the brief, and how they can be best supported to generate an outcome that is both creatively distinctive and fulfils the client’s needs.

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Tuesday 6th August - Module 8: How to Run an Agency and a Client's PerspectiveTeal chevron pointing down

Learn what it takes to actually run an agency, how does it tick, how does it make money? We look at the importance of revenue generation and managing profitably and discover how you can become a financial hero.

We then hear from the most important perspective – that of the client. What everyday challenges do they face, and what constitutes a great agency/client relationship.

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Tuesday 13th of August - Module 9: Client Relationship ManagementTeal chevron pointing down

The main driver of this module is to think creatively around the many aspects of business relationships and learn how to best evaluate and manage client expectations.

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Tuesday 20th of August - Module 10: Responsible AdvertisingTeal chevron pointing down

This module is designed to help you understand what it takes to be a responsible marketer and a responsible advertiser. We look at the tools available to help you advertise effectively and self regulate in an ever changing media environment.

We then review the complaints process, why they are made and what best practice looks like so you can avoid them.

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Tuesday 3rd of September - Module 11: Agency Leader ForumTeal chevron pointing down

In this final session participants have the privilege of hearing from a group of highly accomplished industry leaders and put questions to them as a group. This year’s group will share the advice they most value, and their experience and expectations as agency and industry leaders (think about what you’d like to ask this esteemed group; these opportunities do not come along often).

2024 Agency Leaders: 

  • Sam Stuchbury - ECD and Founder - Motion Sickness 
  • Priya Patel - CEO - DDB Aotearoa 
  • Rufus Chuter - Managing Partner - Together

2024 Speakers

Chief Executive Officer, MBM

Lee-Ann Morris

Zoe Alden
Lead Business Partner, Special Group

Zoe Alden

David McIndoe
Chief Strategy Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi

David McIndoe

Katene Durie headshot
Head of Māori Culture, Motion Sickness

Kātene Durie-Doherty

James Davidson - PHD-1
GM Planning, PHD

James Davidson

Sahri Thomson Headshot-1
Digital Strategist, PHD

Sahri Thomson

Brianna Headshot[43]
Managing Partner/Experiential Director, Mango Communications NZ

Brianna Elder

Chloe Leuschke
Managing Partner, Mango Communications NZ

Chloe Leuschke

Carl Sarney - Headshot
Head of Strategy, TRA

Carl Sarney

David Thomason
Brand Planner & Advertising Strategist

David Thomason (DT)

Paul Wilson Head Shot

Paul Wilson

Peter Vegas FCB
Chief Creative Officer, FCB

Peter Vegas

CEO, Commercial Communications Council

Simon Lendrum

Ally Young - Spark
Spark Game Arena Lead (Agile)

Ally Young

Kate Lines
Head of Business Management, DDB

Kate Lines

Thinza Mon - 16-9
Planning Director, DDB

Thinza Mon

Lindsay Mouat
Chief Executive, Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA)

Lindsay Mouat

Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Hilary Souter

Agency Leader Forum

Sam Stuchbury - WEB
ECD and Founder, Motion Sickness

Sam Stuchbury

CEO, DDB Aotearoa

Priya Patel

Managing Partner, Together

Rufus Chuter