FFR Auckland

Meet the team

Senior Account Manager | Quantum Jump

Zoë MacDonald-Mair | Chairperson FFR Auckland

Zoë’s passion for the FFR is embedded in the creating a supportive foundation for young talent.
Senior Business Manager | DDB Aotearoa

Chelsea Bostock | Deputy Chairperson FFR Auckland

Chelsea is excited to bring her relatable perspective and experience to young talent.
Senior Account Manager | Ogilvy

Courtney Spillane | Secretary

Courtney loves helping make the lives of those first starting out in the industry just a bit better.
Senior Business Manager | Dentsu

Lucciane Surtees

Lucciane is motivated by supporting newcomers and bringing more Pasifika and Māori to the industry.
Copywriter | FCB

Gaetano Perry

Guy likes ideas that make people’s brains smile, and the beginning of their careers easier.
Experience Designer | Dentsu

Andrew Eiserman

Andrew is eager to give people new to the industry everything they need to build a career.
Business Executive | Dentsu

Grace Chittock

Grace is passionate about supporting young talent to thrive within the industry.
Junior Art Director | DDB

Ben Kidd

Ben hopes to be a touch point for young creatives trying to navigate the beginning of their career.