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In a world of over-supply and under-demand, strategy is essential to winning in the market place today. Demystify the word strategy and gain all the tools you need to plan effective strategic communications to add value to your clients’ business.

Taking on a new format in 2024 this interactive course provides a strong grounding in the core concepts that underpin effective strategic thinking in today’s communications market.

Led by Rupert Price, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB, the course draws on the vast array of industry specialists bringing the most up to date theory and practice to life in an inspiring learning environment.

Course Agenda

Day one

Find out what's planned for day one of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.
Module 1: What is Strategy?Teal chevron pointing down

1. Strategy is a frequent and possibly over used term in business today. But what does it really mean?

2. How does it guide business?

3. What does it mean in terms of communications and why is it so important to get it right?

Module 2: Where are we? Teal chevron pointing down

1. How do strategists figure out where to start?

2. What is a good method and approach to get going?

3. What is market orientation and how does it help lay the groundwork for a great strategy?


Module 3: Market Research Teal chevron pointing down

1. What is the value of market research?

2. What can it tell you and when is the right time to use it?

3. What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?

4. What other types of research are there?


Module 4: Insights Teal chevron pointing down

1. What are they and where do you find them?

2. How do you know a good insight when you find one?

3. How do you know if it will inspire good work?


Day one speakers

Check out who our speakers are for day one of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.


Chief Strategy Officer | DDB

Rupert Price

Chief Strategy Officer | Special
Head of Strategy | Motion Sickness

Hilary Ngan Kee

Chief Strategy Officer | Saatchi & Saatchi

David McIndoe

Joint Head of Planning | DDB

Charlotte Marks

Managing Director | PHD

Abby Parkin

Head of Strategy | TRA

Carl Sarney

Planning Director | DDB

Thinza Mons

Planner | The Monkeys

Craig McLeod

Group Head of Strategy | OMD

Jono Allen

Day two

Find out what's planned for day two of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.
Module 1: Positioning Teal chevron pointing down

1. Diagnosing the business problem and defining what communications can do to help solve it. What are examples of really smart objectives and what are the different roles of communication?

2. How do you define the communications challenge and determine what type of communications to use?


Murray, Jolene & Amy's Presentation

Module 2: The Creative BriefTeal chevron pointing down

The art of writing great creative briefs. Presentations from senior strategists on great briefs they’ve been involved in and their tips and tricks for writing great briefs.


Nick, Amy & Josh's Presentation

Module 3: A Creative Perspective on StrategyTeal chevron pointing down

A joint presentation between a Strategy leader and a Creative leader, to share their experience, how strategy informs creativity and where the two work really well together.

1. What is a great creative idea and how does strategy help you get there?


Martin & Hadleigh's Presentation

Module 4: Communications StrategyTeal chevron pointing down

1. Having cracked the creative idea, how do take it to market?

2. How do you translate the role of communication into the communication principles and channel planning?

3. How does great media enhance great idea?


Sue, James & Matt's Presentation 


Day two speakers

Check out who our speakers are for day two of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.


Independent Strategic Consultant

Murray Streets

Group Strategy Officer | Special

Jolene D'Souza

Amy Greene - 16-9
Group Strategy Director | MBM

Amy Greene

Head of Strategy | Ogilvy

Nick Salter

Strategy Director | Colenso BBDO

Amy Pollok

Group Strategy Director | Special

Josh Taylor Dadds

Group Strategy Director | Colenso BBDO

Martin Bassot

Simon Vicars - Headshot 1
Chief Creative Officer | Colenso BBDO

Simon Vicars

Executive Strategy Director | Young Shand

Sue Kipling

James Davidson - PHD-1
GM Planning | PHD

James Davidson

Chief Strategy Officer | FCB

Matt Kingston

Day three

Find out what's planned for day three of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.
Module 1: Digital & Social Strategy Teal chevron pointing down

A presentation on all the ins and outs of digital and social strategy

1. What makes digital/social strategy the same? 

2. What makes digital and social strategy different? 

3. What are the ingredients of a great digital/social campaign?


Syd's Presentation 

Ryan Sproull's Presentation

Module 2: Measuring EffectivenessTeal chevron pointing down

1. How do you measure the effectiveness of a campaigns?

2. What are the different measures that can be used and where are they most appropriate?

3. Why is effectiveness important from a strategy point of view?


Deb, Joseph & Hilary's Presentation

Day three speakers

Check out who our speakers are for day three of Strategic Planning Lab 2024.


Syd Hargis - Headshot 1
Social Media Director | Colenso BBDO

Syd Hargis

Founder | Triple Great Strategy

Ryan Sproull

Client Service Director | MBM

Deb Brown

Head of Strategy | TBWA\

Joseph Judd

Sam Stuchbury - WEB
Executive Creative Director | Motion Sickness

Sam Stuchbury