IPA Digital Performance Essentials Certificate

About the course


Are you ready to stay ahead of the game in the fast paced world of digital marketing? Enrol in our course and discover the key disciplines needed in SEO and Paid Search, and develop the skills you need to plan and implement successful digital marketing campaigns.

Through this course, you'll gain a deep understanding of each of the key disciplines at the forefront of digital advertising. You'll learn how to keep a step ahead of the competition and become a successful client manager and strategic thinker.

Don't let the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing leave you behind. Join our course and unlock the tools and techniques to become a top performer in your field. Transform your career today!


Who is this for?

Specially designed for junior practitioners working in the communications industry.

You may be in your first year within a digital agency or specialist department.

It’s also ideal for more experienced individuals looking to add knowledge of digital to their existing skill set.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand each of the key disciplines in digital marketing, providing you with a background knowledge that will enable you to hold your own in team and client meetings.

  • Gain an essential grounding in how to be a successful client manager and strategic thinker.

  • Become better at briefing, planning and executing digital marketing campaigns.

  • Learn how to buy traffic through display marketing and how to manage successful campaigns.

  • Explore how SEO has evolved and how to make it work for you.

  • Understand affiliate marketing, what's involved and how to manage campaigns successfully.

  • Learn about Paid Search and how to efficiently manage your keyword strategies.

Course structure

  • The online course requires 10 hours of learning.

  • A mandatory multiple choice test must be passed before the exam date.

  • If the candidate does not pass the test by the exam date, they will not be able to access the final exam and must follow the deferral or cancellation policy.

  • The qualification is assessed through a 70-minute online exam.

  • Passing the exam will result in being awarded a digital certificate of completion.

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IPA Digital Performance Essentials Certificate


Booking Deadline 1: 16 February 2024  |  Course date 1: 3 April 2024

Booking Deadline 2: 17 May 2024  |  Course date 2: 3 July 2024

Booking Deadline 3: 16 August 2024  |  Course date 3: 2 October 2024

Booking Deadline 4: 18 October 2024  |  Course date 4: 4 December 2024



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Non-members | $500 + GST


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