NZ Commercial Radio Survey Release

​Last week, the NZ commercial radio survey was released and the third set of GfK data showed the continued strength of radio, showing increases in both the number of people listening and the time spent listening.

The data demonstrates that 79.1% of New Zealanders aged 10 and over listen to commercial radio each week.

This percentage has remained stable over the past six years, despite the increase in audio options available. Listeners still value the content, personalities and discovery offered by radio.

Strong increases in listener numbers were seen across a range of demographics including the traditionally hard to reach 10-17 & 18-34 age groups and the important 25-54 demographic.

Listeners aged 10+ are tuning in for an additional half an hour compared to the last survey, with the weekly time spent listening now standing at 17 hours and 24 minutes. Increases were recorded across all the major demographics aged 18 and above.

Data is now available for the ten regional surveyed markets in addition to new releases for Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Results for these markets, together with the National results, are published on TRB’s website – – and the TRB team of Planners are dissecting the numbers so they are able to provide independent and impartial advice to advertising agencies and their clients.