Sandy Smith ‘Inspiring Individual’ Award 2019 sponsored by MediaWorks

Posted 27 February 2019.

​Who was Sandy Smith?

A woman you would warm to immediately, who was universally liked by people from all walks of life.

More than that, when it came to media, she earned the respect of everyone she encountered, through an inclusive style, a sassy attitude and just all round good smarts.

She was a woman who gave back, a woman who had time for everyone, a woman who would impart her knowledge to the budding stars of our industry – so in return, in her memory MediaWorks would like to give back.

So, who is the Inspiring Individual?

The “unsung hero” in the company; the person who others find utterly inspiring with their generosity of spirit, their patience, their willingness and eagerness to be involved. The person integral to the company culture and passionate about contributing to the company’s success.


A peer based award, it should recognise someone who is giving of their time, consistently smart in their thinking, has the ability to get the job done no matter what the circumstances. They are peer reviewed as an “inspiring individual”.

The definition of this refers to their overall work demeanor – in that they are inclusive of their work colleagues and clients. But more than that, it should talk to the fact that anyone, from any walk of life would recognise them as an “inspiring individual”.

As we respond to the ever changing media landscape, the industry needs people who will inspire others to rise to the challenge of the myriad opportunities available, messaging and platforms, to engage with consumers. This award recognises someone who encompasses this philosophy.

This person is never too busy to impart their wisdom and guidance to someone who needs it. They are a mentor, a coach, a friend and a role model to all around them. The winner will receive $10,000 from Mediaworks to further their education, such as attending an international media festival or seminar – an opportunity to gain further experience and knowledge to be shared.

Download the Nomination Form here.