The Commercial Communications Council supports the launch of Think TV

​The Commercial Communications Council was pleased the see the launch of Think TV into the New Zealand market late last week.

​Think TV is a collective voice for the industry to celebrate and hero the scale and effectiveness of television advertising in New Zealand.

Research in recent years by marketing experts such as Peter Field and Mark Ritson has brought increasing focus on the need for marketers and their agencies to not lose sight of the power of strong brands to deliver long term business growth.

Comms Council CEO Paul Head said, “There is overwhelming evidence of the power of TV and video to help build sustainable and profitable brands. TV remains a critical medium in this market. It is highly effective at telling stories that engage consumers. As an industry, building engagement is central to how we should be fostering long-term brands for our clients and we welcome the launch of Think TV as a powerful tool to make this case”

Comms Council President Louise Bond said, “TV has long been a core platform for brands and remains an important channel in a brand’s holistic marketing and media strategy. In a world of new media and technology, it’s great to see New Zealand’s leading free-to-air and pay TV players have come together to educate the industry on the effectiveness and evolution of traditional media - TV. The industry looks forward to hearing from Think TV regularly and finding out how we can continually challenge ourselves and our clients to use it in new, and interesting, ways to deliver strong, long-term business results.”