Posted 2 February 2022.

Children and Young People’s Advertising Code Review

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is undertaking a regular review of the Children and Young People’s Code this year.

The ASA Codes use a principle and rule framework to provide flexibility to respond to the fast-moving advertising environment. Training on the application of codes is a key part of the work of the ASA and advertisers, agencies, and media organisations work to ensure compliance with the Codes prior to publishing or broadcasting ads.

The ASA has undertaken extensive training on the Code to support compliance. Since the Code came into effect in October 2017, the ASA has ruled on 42 advertisements under the Code and 26 of these were food and beverage advertisements. Between 2017 and 2021, the ASA has published decisions for a total of 2502 advertisements across, all products and services.

In November 2021, the ASA Codes Committee began a consultation process on the appropriate nutritional classification system to identify occasional food or beverage products under the Code. The Codes Committee proposes the adoption of the Nutrient Profiling Scoring Criterion (NPSC) from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), recently adopted by our Australian colleagues for their equivalent code.

Comms Council members will be invited to take part in the Code review from March 2022. If you have clients that have products or services that advertise to children and young people or products or services that appeal to those under 18 years, please engage with this process. This is the opportunity for industry, the health sector, and consumers to comment on what works in the Code, what doesn’t, and suggestions for improvements.

The review will consider rules on content and placement. If you would like to be added to the consultation list, please email communications@asa.co.nz.