​​BOTAB 2015 has kicked off. James Moore gives us the low-down on "BOTAB goes GOTH"


Posted 12 August 2015.

BOTAB 2015 has kicked off. James Moore gives us the low-down on “BOTAB goes GOTH”

James Moore
James Moore

So James Moore– you are the big FISH and one of the BOTAB founders… tell us how it all began…

There is a common place in our industry that brings the best out in all of us. A place where the best ideas are born and sometimes put out to pasture straight away… BOTAB seemed like a great idea, so we made it happen. It was either going to be great or shit. Thanks Prego.

This is the 8th BOTAB – have they all merged into one after some great nights at the Kings Arms or do some still stand out and why?

The first one was awesome. There was such a range of skills, brilliant to utterly terrible. Since then everyone’s taken it quite seriously and it feels like each one gets better and better.

Who are the judges for this year – and can they be bribed? Also – what are their favourite Goth songs (wink wink)?

Judges normally fall into place closer to the night, for that reason, no time for bribes! We’re a bit more organised this year and I believe we have a few legends on the panel. We might just reveal that a bit later though…

BOTAB is rock n roll but there are some rules – what are they? Are they flexible???

Rules are on the website. READ THEM! www.BOTAB.co.nz

What’s the best song you’ve ever heard at BOTAB? Who performed it?

There are a few memorable performances… Friends Electric, Daniel Barnes & Ziggy Stardust will never be forgotten, but one of my favourites was Whybin/TBWA doing Poi E. We thought we’d stitch them up with Poi E as their wild card ‘cos we were tired of them winning so much. They absolutely killed it and subsequently won the night yet again…(sighs heavily)

This years’ theme is “BOTAB goes Goth” – what’s your favourite Goth song and will you be wearing eyeliner on the night?

Any excuse for some eyeliner. If it worked for Ma’a Nonu…

I may have also dabbled in a little Joy Division and The Cure in my time…

Tell us about the winning bands prizes…. And the famous trophy!

I hear Whybin have created a pretty extraordinary, soon to be released Ice Cream flavour from their 2014 Much Moore prize. I think this is such a good prize for the winning band and the industry later on! Lots of other prizes – too many to name – both for the band and for the brilliant supporters that come along – bring plenty of business cards for the draws!

The trophy has managed to stand the test of 7 big BOTABS and its not the most robust design… I have to take poor credit for that, but it seemed like such a good idea at the time…

If you haven’t managed to get Robert Smith from The Cure or Sean Penn playing Robert Smith- who is MC for BOTAB 2015?

At this stage its Mikey Havoc, I hope its Mikey Havoc, Is it Mikey Havoc?!? He’ll turn up right?

We have Event Cinemas providing some prizes this year – if BOTAB 2015 were made into a movie who would play James Moore?

Oh wow, what a question… My wife would probably say Mark Ruffalo (not when he’s the Hulk), My amazing team @ Fish and Pip would say Rob Kardashian and I’d probably say… Jordan Belfort. (Really James, really?)

Aside from the sausage sizzle and ice-cream – what’s the most fun you’ve had at BOTAB and will you top it this year?

Year One… Fronting The Fish Band ‘TBC’ and smashing out The Ramones was FUN.

Forgetting the words to Dirty Deeds on stage, Year 2, not so fun…

And there you have it – word from the big cheese, the big fish, the big kahuna, that is the infamous James Moore! Now go check out the BOTAB FB page and Website so you get the real story!