Salary Survey

Annual Salary Survey

As part of your Comms Council membership, there is an opportunity for members to participate in an annual industry wide salary survey. This survey allows member agencies to get a timely feel for the market and aids with remuneration conversations and hiring new team members.

The 2022 Salary Survey involved 38 organisations (groups and individual agencies) covering 2,178 staff members within the industry and benchmarked 91 roles. 4 main disciplines (Shared Services, Creative roles, Media roles and PR/Activation roles) are included and this is reviewed annually prior to setting the data parameters.

Feedback from the 2022 survey included:

  • “Process/timeline was good and easy to complete”
  • “Make it annual”
  • “Really useful and also very timely for us as we work with some of our team on reviews. It was helpful for us to know that we’re on the market in most areas. So I’d give this a 10/10.”

 Note: Non-members are unable to participate.



Participants commit to including their entire payroll with the exception of CEO / Founder / ECD roles which we believe to be remunerated on a case-by-case basis and therefore not comparative enough.

The process takes approximately 1-2hours for most agencies and there is a hard deadline for the data to be submitted.

Member agencies that participate receive an excel spreadsheet to complete with approx. 110 job codes across 4 main disciplines (Shared Services, Creative roles, Media roles and PR/Activation roles). Upon completion, some roles will be eliminated due to a lack of comparative data.

Base salary is reported as 40 hour FTE base salary. Other data captured depends on current requirements.

One (hard copy only) report is distributed to a nominated person for each organisation.

Participating agencies commit to keep the report in a secure location and not allow it to be copied, distributed, or made available to anyone outside the senior management of the agency.