FFR Auckland

Meet the team

Zoe MacDonald-Mair photo
Senior Account Manager, Quantum Jump

Zoë MacDonald-Mair, Chairperson FFR Auckland

Zoë’s passion for the FFR is embedded in the creating a supportive foundation for young talent.
Chelsea Bostock photo
Senior Business Manager, DDB Aotearoa

Chelsea Bostock, Deputy Chairperson FFR Auckland

Chelsea is excited to bring her relatable perspective and experience to young talent.
Courtney Spillane photo
Senior Account Manager, Ogilvy

Courtney Spillane, Secretary

Courtney loves helping make the lives of those first starting out in the industry just a bit better.
Lucciane Surtees photo
Senior Business Manager, Dentsu

Lucciane Surtees

Lucciane is motivated by supporting newcomers and bringing more Pasifika and Māori to the industry.
Amy Willemse photo
Strategist, Special

Amy Willemse

Amy believes FFR plays a vital role in making sure we nurture the next gen of young talent.
Gaetano Perry Photo
Copywriter, FCB

Gaetano Perry

Guy likes ideas that make people’s brains smile, and the beginning of their careers easier.
Jesse Knight photo
Digital Manager, MBM

Jesse Knight

Jesse brings his digital expertise to get FFR resources into the hands of newcomers
Andrew Eiserman Headshot
Experience Designer, Dentsu

Andrew Eiserman

Andrew is eager to give people new to the industry everything they need to build a career.
Jeremy Sinniah FFR Headshot
Business Manager, Special

Jeremy Sinniah

Jeremy’s passion lies with bringing the young people of the industry together.