CEO Update July 2021 |  Paul Head

Posted 21 July 2021.

​It’s been another busy month here at the Comms Council.

So here we are in late July – more than half way through the year already and it’s been a busy 7 months, and from talking to members, it seems everyone is feeling the same across all disciplines. It is great though that any lingering concerns about a double-dip recession seem to have receded, but we need to be careful that as a nation, we don’t talk ourselves into one.

As a key growth engine of economic recovery our job as an industry is to keep things moving.

That’s why here at the Comms Council we’ve been pushing hard on messaging to the business community the value of brand building and the need to maintain SOV even in tough times. Businesses that do this will be stronger and more profitable in the medium to long term. We’re currently working on opportunities to get these messages delivered directly to decision makers via the Institute of Directors and similar bodies.

We’re also working with Peter Field in the UK on updating “Why aren’t we doing this”, the book we developed with him a few years ago. Since the book was first published there have been new learnings and cases studies that further build the case for clients to invest in their brands.

Continuing to build this evidence-based case for investing in brand will be a major strategic focus for us over the next 18 months.

Another important priority for us over the past month or so has been making sure that the industry’s voice is heard as the government works on its Strong Public Media programme. This could see the merger in some form of RNZ and TVNZ and our role is to make sure that the views and concerns of advertisers and agencies are taken into consideration as the new model is developed.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the read.