University Partnerships

Posted 11 January 2016.

Comms Council / AUT University of Technology

The Commercial Communications Council is working closely with AUT University of Technology and key industry leaders to refresh and re-design our core programmes this year.

The Comms Council/AUT Foundations of Advertising and Media Programme is a comprehensive course which covers the fundamentals of the advertising and media agency world. The course is now regarded as one of the most valuable and effective courses for those with fewer than three years’ experience.

Other courses academically underpinned by AUT include the Strategic Planning Lab and Media Lab. Information on all courses available from Marlen Smith.

Comms Council / Media Design School

The Commercial Communications Council and the Media Design School (MDS) have a longstanding relationship that began with development of the MDS Adschool over a decade ago. The Adschool is a 40 week full time programme that is designed to train copy writers and art directors in an agency-like environment with live briefs, deadlines, real clients and lots of agency interaction.

Students are also supported to enter awards (and they win plenty) and get to share their work with potential employers directly. MDS Adschool has an enviable reputation for turning out exceptional talent and is well recognised internationally.

Comms Council and MDS collaborate on a range of initiatives including one-off industry events, creative intern placements, professional development and the creative mentor programme.

Media Design School is also one of five international design schools that make up Frontier, connecting digital creatives across the globe. Check out the blog site here: