Application process for the Comms Council Graduate Programme 2021

Posted 12 December 2016.

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Applications are open - however, there are changes due to COVID-19:

Previously, Graduates wanting to apply for the Comms Council Grad Programme, supplied their CV and Cover Letter to the Comms Council. Your application was then assessed by Marlen Smith Industry Development Director. If you were shortlisted you were invited to attend a testing day. This involved both individual tasks and group work to determine suitability for roles within the advertising industry. If successful at this stage, you were invited to present to the agencies who were looking to employ graduates. Agencies then worked with both Graduates and Marlen Smith, to offer places to Graduates and in roles most suited to their talents and skills.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the past process has been modified.

For Graduates wanting to get into the industry, we request that you apply by sending Marlen Smith ( your CV and Cover Letter. In the section below there are full details on how to apply and what is required. We strongly urge you to read the details carefully.

The process going forward will be that your CV and Cover letter will be assessed by Marlen. She will then pass on your CV and Cover Letter to any agencies who are looking for Graduates. Agencies will contact you directly for interviews. Please note all Graduate Roles under the Comms Council Programme are paid roles and Graduates are fully employed by the agency.

Applicants Must:

• Not be fully employed or paid by an advertising or communications agency in a full-time capacity

• Possess a university degree in any discipline – ensure you have completed your degree less than a year ago or you will graduate in time to commence an internship in February 2020.

The Comms Council will now accept applications from international students who are currently studying in New Zealand and who have a minimum 2 year work visa, with the right to live and work in New Zealand. The applicant must also possess a New Zealand university degree in any discipline which has been completed less than a year ago or who will graduate in time to commence a graduate position in February 2020. Agencies will be advised of any international students who apply and are shortlisted under this criteria.


The application requires both a CV and a Cover Letter

Notes from Marlen Smith:Both agencies and I, place great emphasis on the Cover Letter. Given that you probably haven’t ever seen me present you won’t have the benefit of the insights to the industry provided.

Advertising, is a complex business including that ‘we tell stories.’ It is a combination of both art and science. Really focus on your Cover Letter – it must be a strong reflection of who you are – your story – you need to sell yourself!

Some of the points we need you to include:

A covering letter which includes a personal statement, a head shot photo that is 300H x 300W pixels and answers the following questions:

• Why do you want to get into advertising?

• Name ads you are familiar with and what interests you about them?

• What is unique about you?

• What do you do well?

• What don’t you do well?

Your CV - no longer than 4 pages. Please supply your CV including University subjects, qualifications, and years.

In your Cover Letter and CV please clearly include your email address, mobile number, one other contact number and which University you graduated from. Word documents only.

Email Subject Heading:

Application Comms Council Graduate Programme 2021 – insert your name

Submit your CV and covering letter to

Applications for 2020 are NOW CLOSED.

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