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Posted 25 August 2020.

Privacy Act 2020 – What you need to know and how to adapt.
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The new Privacy Act 2020 has been passed into law. It comes into effect on 1 December 2020. The drive for data privacy has become more apparent, spurred by anti-tracking moves by browsers as well as tighter data protection laws. The effect of this is that commercially available data may become less abundant, and ad buying and selling significantly affected. It is also claimed that the end of third-party cookie data is fast approaching, and the end of the road when it comes to their ability to buy and sell ads that use individualised targeting.

Where does the truth lie on these and other questions?

Just how much consumers care about their data privacy is a question that gets a lot of debate. There is a body of privacy activists that care a great deal about their privacy and misuse of their data within advertising. For the public and some in the media industry opinions are divided over just how much they would care if they understood how their data was used within buying and trading of ads on the open market. There is growing evidence to suggest that people do care about their data and its use or misuse.

In this webinar we discuss the changes to the Privacy Act and how the treasure trove of information can legitimately be captured and used by publishers, the media and ad industries.

The webinar is presented by Anthony Drake, a partner in the Wynn Williams national Dispute Resolution Team. He has more than 25 years’ experience in employment law. He provides advice and counsel to a wide range of major domestic corporates, New Zealand Government and various local government agencies, and state-owned enterprises, as well as acting for individual and private clients – with a particular focus on contentious issues involving privacy law and data protection, dismissals, discrimination, and employment implications for commercial transactions, redundancy, restraint of trade, confidential information, and industrial disputes.

As a founding member of the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office he has expert skills in major investigations and inquiries.

Anthony is a regular presenter and commentator on privacy and employment law topics. He is also an author of Lexus Nexus Forms and Precedents employment law section, Thomson Reuters UK publication on New Zealand Privacy law, and the New Zealand data protection section of One Trust Data Guidance UK publication.

Anthony also happens to be a descendant of the infamous privateer Sir Francis Drake and the son of a Polish war refugee to New Zealand.

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