The 2020 Pressies

Posted 21 August 2020.

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THE PRESSIES Awards Show: Thursday 26 November 2020

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What are The Pressies all about?

We are now in the third year of The Pressies and hope the increased emphasis on PR, social and experiential in our industry will continue to ensure their success. We created the awards to celebrate campaigns with PR, Social and experiential elements at their core, at all budget levels. The Pressies continue to bring to light all the great work we are doing and enable us to judge it on our terms.

If this year has taught us nothing else it has shown us the profound effect social media and PR can have in and around our community. We have seen how we are using it to talk to, engage with and influence each generation. Covid’s appearance meant most of the nation’s advertisers had to suddenly pivot from traditional platforms to focus on the online landscape. As a result we will have numerous pieces of marketing brilliance that we look forward to judging at this year’s Pressies

Gina McKinnon

Chair PREScom Committee

A word from Paul Head | CEO of Comms Council

Welcome to the third annual PRESSIE Awards; the awards programme designed to recognise and celebrate the best thinking and execution across PR, Experiential and Social campaigns.

The programme looks to recognise the best work the industry has to offer. And this year that work will in many cases look very different from what it did last year. As an industry we’ve had to be very nimble in the face of a global pandemic. This has had a huge impact on both the type and volume of work we’ve been asked to do by our clients.

Agencies across all three disciplines have had to look for new ways to engage with audiences, both during the early phases of the virus as brands and government responded to the immediate crisis and then post lockdown, as brands looked to reengage with audiences. This has led to some really innovative solutions and the judges this year are in for some very interesting reads in my view.

Any awards programme involves a huge amount of work to pull together, so a big thanks to Awards Chair Gina Mckinnon, Convenor of Judges Sean Brown and the entire PREScom Committee for their hard work in getting our third year off the ground under what have been difficult circumstances. Their efforts are genuinely appreciated.

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a shitty year by just about any measure, agencies have worked under tremendous pressure to deliver for their clients and we believe great work still deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

So, PR, Experiential and Social agencies, shake off those lockdown blues, give Covid the finger and get cracking on your entries.

Best of luck!

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