Commercial Communications Council reveals the power of brand building with new book

​The Commercial Communications Council (Comms Council) has released today, ‘Why Aren’t we Doing This? - How long term brand building drives profitability’, a book written by UK strategist, Peter Field; urging marketers and business leaders to understand how overly sales-led advertising is negatively impacting their business in terms of long-term growth and profitability.

​In recent times there’s been intense pressure on marketing outputs to constantly supply huge short-term results. An ever increasing number of effectiveness case studies, which are drawn upon by Field in the book, show businesses following this path face both the issue of wasting money and find themselves in a downward spiral of constantly producing sales-led advertising that has no lasting impact on the business.

Additionally, Field argues against misguided theories that consumers are not worth marketing to if they aren’t ‘about to buy’ revealing that not spending money on brand, because we think consumers don’t care, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Comms Council commissioned this book because it saw a trend in the New Zealand advertising market toward short term sales-led campaigns. This trend is something I’m seeing all over the world, it’s very one sided and we know it doesn’t work. Companies who want to succeed should read the evidence and invest in brand building,” says Field.

If we stick to investing behind brand for the long term, balancing this with short-term sales activation and employ the principles outlined in this book, we can expect to succeed,” continues Field.

Field has spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising and 20 years as a marketing consultant, he works with blue chip clients worldwide and specialises in the analysis of effective case studies to drive brands and agencies to make better informed brand-plays.

The Comms Council commissioned the book to give New Zealand agencies and marketers the tools to prove the value of investing into brand.

Peter is a brilliant strategic mind and at the Comms Council we urge everyone in our industry to read this book and use it to arm their business and to make better decisions,” says Paul Head, CEO of the Commercial Communications Council.