CEO Update |  A Final Word From Paul Head

Posted 22 October 2021.

​​A final word……

Kia ora kotou katoa and welcome to another update from the Comms Council; one that will be my last.

As announced in August, and after more than 10 years leading the Comms Council, November 5th is my last day in the role. Perhaps I’ll get some fireworks to mark the occasion….

Over the past decade the industry has faced and responded to many challenges; threats of government regulation, fragmenting media and the growth of the global platforms, the changing nature of creative, client in-sourcing, industry consolidation, margin erosion and the need to respond to the terrible events in Christchurch in 2019, to name a few.

But much of this isn’t new. This is an industry that has always faced the threat of government regulation and always been led by new technologies – whether they be social media today or TV in the 1960s.

So our responses to those challenges, as always, have been based on the core strengths of this industry; great people, genuine insight into human behaviour, the power of an idea and of course, creativity that connects with Kiwis in unique ways. I like to think the Comms Council has had an important role in responding to those challenges. And knowing what I know, I remain relentlessly positive about this industry, its bright future and the ability is has to make a genuine difference.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of this journey; those of you that have served on the Board or committees, worked with us on projects across the years or supported the Council in myriad other ways. And a particular thanks to the team here that I’ve had the honour to lead. Your support has been greatly appreciated.

As I said to the Board when I told them my news in August, I’ll look back on my time with the Council with genuine affection and a sense of pride at what the organisation has achieved over the last decade. But as I also said, it’s time for me to ride off into the sunset and have some new adventures.

All the best.