Beacon Awards | 2023 Categories

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  1. Social Marketing/Public Service
    This category recognises uses of media that have succeeded in meeting the objectives of government or publicly-funded bodies. Typically these include campaigns from government departments, local bodies, tertiary education institutions or for a community service. The judges will be looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had an identifiable and direct contribution in achieving set campaign objectives.
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  2. Retail/Etail
    This category recognises uses of media in the area of retail/etail. This includes fashion, clothing, accessories, and fast food and also incorporates online retail. The judges are looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had an identifiable and direct contribution in achieving set retail objectives and that success is not the result of other factors including pricing or sale activity.
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  3. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
    This category recognises media campaigns across the entire spectrum of FMCG. This can include food, grocery, household products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and pet. The judges will be looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had a direct contribution in achieving set campaign objectives.
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  4. Consumer Durables
    This category recognises media campaigns that achieve success for products that are not purchased regularly or those that have high involvement decision making. This could include motor vehicles, white goods, brown goods, household furniture and electronic goods. The judges will be looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had a direct contribution in achieving set campaign objectives.
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  5. Consumer Services
    This category recognises media campaigns that achieve success for companies whose main focus is providing a service to a consumer. This could include airlines, tourism, energy suppliers, financial services, telecommunications and entertainment (TV, music, movies or gaming). The judges will be looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had a direct contribution in helping achieve set campaign objectives.
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  6. Charity
    Entries in this category cannot be entered in other categories
    This category is seeking to identify campaigns that make the greatest contribution to support charities, appeals, fundraising or various not-for-profit community programmes. The award may recognise innovation in media thinking but this is not mandatory. The judges will be looking for proof that the media strategy and execution has had a direct contribution in helping achieve set campaign objectives. This category is strictly for not-for-profit organisations only, entries from commercial brands or organisations are not eligible.
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  7. Best Small Budget (up to $100k per annum)
    This category is open to any campaign with a total combined campaign cost to client of less than $100,000. All entries must prove they are a stand-alone campaign as opposed to a single execution within a larger campaign. The judges will be looking for entries that put the perceived budget constraints behind them to develop brilliant strategic thinking and outstanding activation to deliver results that punched way above the campaign’s weight.
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  8. Best Use of Event/Experiential
    This category recognises outstanding physical, virtual or hybrid experiential campaigns or events. You will need to explain why an event/experiential campaign was the right strategic solution to the challenge, including evidence it was the central component. Judges will be looking to understand how the brands narrative was brought to life via the event/experience and how the event/experience was leveraged to best achieve campaign objectives. Examples can include but are not limited to: pop-ups, stunts, guerrilla marketing, projections, ambient media, digital simulations, virtual events, physical events, activations, and sponsorships.
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  9. Best Use of Content
    This category rewards campaigns that demonstrate a sound understanding of the role of content in delivering outstanding business outcomes for clients. Entries must clearly articulate why strategic use of content was the key to the campaign’s success, and how it was delivered in clever, creative, or surprising ways to be most effective in addressing the client’s marketing challenge/s. Entrants should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the channels used, whether social media networks, blogs, television, editorial, radio, podcasts, apps or other digital platforms. Judges will be looking for activity that connected a community or audience to a brand through content, and that delivered outstanding
    business results beyond views and engagement.
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  10. Best Use of Technology
    This category celebrates the role of technology in driving media innovation. Specifically, where technology has enhanced the development, implementation or outcome of a media campaign or activity. The technology could be applied across all elements of the campaign, or to a particular component but there will need to be evidence of it being either: a proprietary or first to NZ market technology OR using existing technology/platforms in an innovative or distinctive way.
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  11. Best use of Data
    This category recognises media approaches that have been led by a sharp data strategy. Judges will be looking to understand how this leading data strategy drove the media approach, directly impacting on behavioural or business outcomes. Results are worth 35% as this data strategy should be able to attribute its success with proof points such as targeted response, increased engagement, incremental leads, reduction in CPA and/or improved ROI. Judges will also be looking to understand how the use of data was an agency led initiative. This category is not reliant on a specific marketing campaign (it could be a subset or always on) but will still need to contextualise for judges why this approach is award worthy. If your data source is proprietary research leading to an insight you may want to consider entering the Best Use of Insight category instead.
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  12. Best Use of Search Engine Marketing
    This category recognises exceptional practice in the use of Search Engine Marketing to drive positive business or behavioural outcomes. This category is open to entries for paid search and search engine optimisation initiatives. Judges will be looking for a clear set of objectives, a strong strategic approach, excellent execution and demonstrable outcomes. This category is open to both short term campaigns or ongoing programmes. Judges will consider creative and innovative approaches, as well as campaigns with excellent application of fundamentals and best practice. You’ll need to contextualise for judges why your approach is award worthy. The search engine marketing initiative may be part of a wider campaign, however demonstration of the specific role and effectiveness of the search channel will be required.
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  13. Creative Media Idea
    This category recognises invention or innovation within a channel or property that was driven by consumer, data or brand insight and creative thinking. Judges are looking for ideas that drive tangible benefit to the consumer or to the client’s communications objectives.
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  14. Best Use of Insight
    This category recognises how the use of insight, analytics or market intelligence has resulted in media campaign and business success. Judges will look for entries that demonstrate how an agency has uncovered an insight, how this insight has shaped the media strategy development and execution and the business success that this has delivered. Sources of insight could vary from proprietary research, to social listening through to quantitative or qualitative studies. The insight section of the entry will account for 40% of the judges score.
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  15. Best Communications Strategy (Note word limit 1,800)
    This category celebrates strategic excellence. Judges are looking for a cohesive communications strategy with a central idea at its heart. It should show a carefully researched and well thought-out action plan designed to meet a clearly defined challenge. This should include novel ways in which media channels have been used, each with a clear link to the strategic idea. The winning entry will also have clearly articulated the insights used to inspire the communications strategy. The strategy section of the entry will account for 40% of the judges’ score.
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  16. Most Effective
    This category recognises meeting a challenge and succeeding. Judges are looking for evidence that the communication drove a positive outcome or exceeded objectives. This could include generating positive business results (e.g. market share, sales value, profit), shifting brand health measures (e.g. consideration, preference, perceptions), or changing people’s behaviour (e.g. buying patterns or social habits). It will focus on effectiveness of a campaign above all other considerations – the results section of the entry will account for 40% of the judge’s score. All entries must include figures showing the campaign’s direct impact on stated objectives (indexes will suffice).
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  17. Best Collaboration
    This category is open to media owner/partner, clients, and agencies, and is designed to celebrate work that is only made possible by the close collaboration of two or more partner(s). This category can be entered by either the media owner/partner, client, or agency. The judges will be looking to understand multiple layers as to why this collaboration was not just good, but great. How was strong collaboration, or indeed a new way of collaborating, critical in delivering a better overall result? How did the parties involved break through the norm? How did each party play a distinct individual role that made the whole greater than the sum of its parts? How complex was this collaboration? What hurdles did you face along the way? Ultimately the judges need to understand how this collaboration delivered results for the client beyond what could have been achieved with a single partner. Entries can be proactive sales proposals or responses to briefs, as long as the partners have worked together to execute and enhance.
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  18. Media Business of the Year
    This category recognises the years outstanding Media Business. The judges (Comms Council Media Committee) will be looking for the business that has set a clear vision and strategy and then implemented that strategy with success. In this case success will be assessed from a range of perspectives including financial, industry engagement and reputation, audience growth and/or engagement. The Comms Council Media Committee reserves the right to not award in this category if no entry meets the judging standard.
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  19. Sales Team of the year
    This category recognises excellence within the crucial media owners’ sales function. Open to both individual or team entries. The Judges (Comms Council Media Committee) will be looking for evidence of a clear strategic roadmap that allowed for the delivery of outstanding business performance against well-defined KPIs. Examples of innovative campaign case studies and a solution-based approach to selling are more likely to resonate with the judges.
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    Executive Awards

    Sustained Success (Note word limit 1,800)

    This category recognises communications and media thinking that has significantly contributed to the overall success of a campaign that has been consistently in market across three years from 1st January 2018. Judges will be looking for demonstration of strategic thinking and how it has ensured the media campaign has remained consistent but also up-to-date and relevant. The effectiveness and results achieved should accurately reflect the objectives and media strategy. The judges want to see clarity of thinking, identification and application of insights and innovation. It’s important to remember that a campaign founded on a sound, solid and evolving strategy can be as effective as one containing significant innovation.

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Media Agency of the Year
The award will be given to the Comms Council Agency whose business has made the greatest overall improvements to their business over the past year. It is open to Comms Council member media agencies of any size.
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Best in Show
All Gold Beacon Award winners will be eligible for the Best in Show. It is a category designed to identify the single best example of media brilliance across the entry period and will not necessarily be the entry that has won the most gold awards on the night. This award is selected by the panel of international judges.