AXIS 2023 | Call for Past Entries

This is a call for awards that have had their time in the limelight. Forgotten gold that now sits in the far corner of the award shelf, or buried deep in the basement, collecting dust, rather than accolades.

This is your chance to see some great ideas from the past make a contribution to the future of our environment.

Dig out those old awards so we can recycle them and give them a new life. We’ll be melting them down and recasting them into Axis awards to celebrate all the great work that’s come out of agencies this year. We couldn’t let your generous act go un-awarded so for every old award you send in, you’ll get 50% off a new entry.*

And if you find it a little hard to let go, remember, the metal on your shelves may be forgotten, but the work never will be.

To book your collection time use this link

*Any award from 2013/Maximum of 5