AXIS 2023 | Call for Entry

Entries are now open for the 43rd Annual AXIS Awards.

This is the call for entries for this year’s AXIS awards. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll be aware that this is where the theme for the year is introduced.

Did you know AXIS has been around for 43 years? There have been a lot of themes in that time. Believe me, we checked.

We started talking about them but then got distracted by something else. The work from years past.

It got us thinking that in an industry like ours where so much time and energy is spent looking out for the next new thing,

it is worth taking the time to look back occasionally and reflect on what we’ve accomplished.

The more we dug through the archives, (hard drives, floppy disks, pen drives, and all) the more we realised that AXIS has quite the legacy. That’s why we’ve decided this year, AXIS won’t use a theme to show off its creativity. We’re going to celebrate the ideas that have shaped our award show and our industry down here in Aotearoa.

When you look at past winners of AXIS you’ll agree there’s some work that has stood the test of time. Work that more often than not has gone on to win big on the international award circuit. We’re pretty bloody consistent and we should be proud.

Those great ideas are the ones that inspire us. Driven with an equal mix of excitement and intimidation we grab an A3 pad and a black sharpie (or stylus and iPad) and set out to crack our own big idea. One that will be worthy of recognition.

Firstly, by the audience it was created for but also by our peers in the advertising industry.

So here it is, this year’s call for entries. Time for you to do a mental stocktake of the past 12 months of work and begin to weigh up the ideas that could give you a chance at metallic glory and a place in AXIS history.

Leisa Wall, 2023 Axis Awards Convenor


Click here to download the Axis 2023 Call for Entry Document.