Ad Net Zero | October Update

We’ve got a lot of work to do to make our industry sustainable

In August we became the 4th country to join Ad Net Zero’s mission to help advertising’s efforts to reduce emissions associated with the creation, distribution and consumption of ads. We’ve seen great support for the initiative, with 47 companies and 8 industry bodies putting their support behind the programme so far.

Now that we have launched, we are in the process of launching the working groups that will develop solutions for the five action areas of the Ad Net Zero framework; identifying the big ticket solutions, the quick wins, and the education and learning required to demonstrably reduce the carbon emissions of our activity.

We will be sharing progress as we go, both here in the Comms Council newsletter, and across Ad Net Zero channels. Expect news on calculators for production and media, learning sessions, actions around greenwashing, and discussions on behaviour change.

We encourage everyone to sign up for updates here.

If you are not yet involved, but would like to learn more, just drop us a line at

It’s never too late to get involved – the work has only just begun, so we’d love for you to join us in the effort.