Navigating the Agency Selection Process

Posted 25 September 2017.

​The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) and the Commercial Communications Council saw a clear need to help shape the thinking and approach to the agency selection process. The way things have been traditionally done means that the selection processes are inefficient, even poorly managed. This has huge risks of poor outcomes and simply adds cost to agencies and to the clients of those agencies.

With this in mind ANZA and the Comms Council came together to work collaboratively, along with input from clients and agencies, to create a best practice guide to help ease the process, tailored to the New Zealand market.

There have been risks and challenges on both sides with advertisers appointing a new agency, whether the process involved going to a full pitch or one of the many alternatives. Agencies have found themselves in a costly business where resources are swallowed up with no guaranteed outcomes. While clients can be left with work not meeting expectations, difficulty managing multiple agency relationships and potentially the need to go through the whole process again in short order if they get it wrong. This is not only disruptive to both sides, but is slows down marketing momentum.

“The risks of choosing the wrong service model or not securing the right partner can be very costly. ANZA encourages advertisers to use this guide whenever they are reviewing agency partners or considering a selection process.” Lindsay Mouat, CEO ANZA

This Code of Best Practice is designed to help companies select the right partner for their organisation. The document is a cooperative effort to help clients navigate the complexities inherent in appointing agency partners and to improve the outcomes of the new business process for both clients and agencies.

“We believe that a positive selection process should be the foundation for a strong and mutually rewarding long term relationship but there is a need and an opportunity for new thinking to make the process more effective and efficient for all involved.” Paul Head, CEO Comms Council

The guide provides a set of operating principles for managing a business review along with useful information on what’s happening in the market, the various partnership models available and some tips on agency remuneration. It’s designed to cover all types of agencies from creative and media to experiential, digital, PR and other. The joint hope is that the members of ANZA and the Commercial Communications Council will accept this as not just a guide to best practice, but use it as a starting point for all new business discussions.

Download the code of best practice here