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Posted 15 July 2020.

​Thanks for clicking through to Get the Facts. Have a look through the resources below for invaluable advice on how you can yield the best results during a recession.

While we’ve done a world-class job in shutting down Covid-19, there is a significant economic price that we are only just beginning to experience. While we can’t say for sure how long this recession will last, we believe that as members of an industry that is an economic growth engine, we have the opportunity to play a significant role in driving our economies back to strength.

Those who continue to invest in their brand during a recession and execute it well, will come out of the recession better than those who don’t.

Winning or Losing in a Recession, by Robert Brittain and Peter Field

​Two of the world’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness, Rob Brittain and Peter Field have published their major new report ‘AUNZ Advertising Effectiveness Rules - Winning or Losing in a Recession’, the first study to examine the implications of COVID-19 and the impending recession for the advertising industry on both sides of the Tasman.

This report is proudly brought to you in collaboration with The Communications Council Australia and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

Download the report

Why Aren’t We Doing This? - How Long-term Brand Building Drives Profitability, by Peter Field

In collaboration with renowned UK Strategist, Peter Field, we created Why Aren’t We Doing This?, a brand playbook which elaborates on the importance of long-term brand building and urges marketers and business leaders to understand how overly sales-led advertising is negatively impacting their business in terms of long-term growth and profitability.

​Download the PDF

Advertising Pays: The Economic, Employment and Business Value of Advertising

New Zealand spends billions on paid advertising every year. In this comprehensive report by Deloitte Access Economics, we explore the impact this investment has on economic growth, employment, social change and innovation. It’s all in Advertising Pays. Take a look.

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Peter Field - The Importance of Long-term Brand Building

Watch Peter build on and expand the evidence published in Why Aren’t We Doing This? with up-to-date case study evidence and data from the UK and New Zealand, as he explores the tension between long-term brand building and short-term activation advertising as well as the empirical evidence for why brand building is essential for the long-term profitability of businesses.

He observes the strong trend to short-term activation-focused advertising over the last ten years and discusses the factors that are driving this and the commercial dangers they present.

Download his Presentation