​​Working Style join the party at BOTAB

Working Style

Posted 12 August 2015.

​Working Style join the party at BOTAB. We talk to Marketing Manager and style guru Sam Clode about pants, parties and prizes

Fish and CAANZ are thrilled to announce a new BOTAB sponsor for 2015….the very very stylish crew from Working Style!!!

Like all good tales of New Zealand ingenuity, the Working Style story revolves around satisfying a basic human need: the need to have a sartorial edge over your fellow man.

When you win the prize being offered from Working Style – you will most certainly have the edge, the new job and the hot babe!

We sat down with Marketing Manager and style guru Sam Clode from Working Style to ask him about pants, parties and prizes!

So Working Style… tell us a little about yourself! We know you do suits but we also love your casual range!

The founder of Working Style, Chris Dobbs, actually started out in 1987 sneaking into advertising agencies to sell made-to-measure shirts. Since then we’ve grown to five stores around NZ, Working Style now make seasonal ready-to-wear menswear collections and also tailor made-to-measure garments. We’re specialists in light-weight tailoring and experts in fit and fabric so have some of the best quality garments in the world. Modern lifestyles and workplaces have changed drastically since we started so our collections reflect how people live and work in the present. We make everything from polo’s, sneakers, suede loafers, cotton chinos, jeans, unstructured cotton/linen jackets and casual shirts right up to formal suits, leather bags and an exceptional range of smart leather shoes.

What’s the one item of clothing essential at any rock festival?

You need a perfect pair of Working Style wayfarer sunglasses for a daytime rock festival this summer. In jet black, of course.

Working Style – joining the fun at BOTAB for the first time – what are you looking forward to?

I hear that many months of practice go in to BOTAB so I’m really looking forward to seeing some polished live performances and some creative goth costumes. That… and hopefully an enthusiastic stage-dive.

Working Style – our BOTAB gents are all about the prizes- tell us what you have for the lucky winner (go on make us jealous!!!)

We’re giving the winner of a lucky prize draw a $500 voucher to spend on anything they like from our new Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear collection that has just arrived from Europe.

BOTAB is notorious for being THE most fun event on the Advertising Calendar, whats the most fun the team at Working Style can remember?

The one that sticks out to me was a couple of years back. We have a brand partnership with Mercedes-Benz so some of our team and about 40 clients, from Working Style and Mercedes Benz dealerships, flew down to Wellington for a day at the beautiful Boomrock Station on the cliffs overlooking the coast. We were split in teams and, among other things, everyone got to drive a racing-spec 6.3 Litre CLS AMG. We went through driver training, hot-laps around the race track then sliding around a wet skid pan with traction control turned off producing comical results. The winning team got a helicopter ride home. It was great to have fun with our customers outside of the store environment and for them to mix and mingle with one another.

This year BOTAB goes Goth – what one “goth” song do you love? Transmission by Joy Division

We liken ourselves as a rock star industry – how does Working Style party?

We have a full band set up in the Parnell Working Style branch and each store has a fully stocked bar so we’re ready to party when you are. There are a number of musicians in our company so it’s a great place to relax and listen with a couple of drinks at the end of the day. Anyone is welcome to join in, especially if you’re good on the skins.

So we all want to know what we should be wearing come summer – give us the goss!

This season is all about having tailored garments that are comfortable to wear for modern life and NZ’s climate. Creatively, we’ve moved from a heavier British style of tailoring to a softer Italian light-weight style which perfectly suits NZ’s climate and our approach to life, work and play. This season’s garments are in breathable light cottons, linens and merino wools with an element of stretch to the fabric for comfort. They are made partially lined with a soft construction so to drape from you naturally, give a relaxed silhouette and remove excess bulk. Bold blues, sandy off-white tones, mid greys and a highlight of washed red form the colours you should wear for summer.