​Pronto Print are printing us up a storm for BOTAB 2015!

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Posted 13 August 2015.

​Pronto Print are printing us up a storm for BOTAB 2015!

​Who and where are Pronto Print Parnell?

I’m Mikey Brown, musician, graphic designer and owner of Pronto Print and Design. Pronto Print started as a humble photocopy shop in Parnell over 40 years ago. Now we can arrange most types of printing, and anything we don’t do in house, we usually have contacts in the industry we can call on.

I took over the business from my previous boss over five years ago and now have 2 staff, both designers who run the daily business side of things for us. My wife also is involved, helping with marketing and promotions, accounts, and keeping me in line!

We know you do beautiful and amazing large format prints….What’s the craziest, most rock n roll thing you’ve ever printed?

We printed the cd covers for my bands EP. There were a couple of hundred cardboard sleeves which we had diecut. We spent hours carefully folding and glueing by hand, folding insert sheets, and inserting CDs ourselves to save on costs. They came out pretty well in the end but it was a pain in the ass!

BOTAB is notorious for being THE most fun event on the Advertising Calendar, what’s the most fun the team at Pronto can remember?

We arent’ the biggest party animals. We usually end up at the Windsor Castle whenever we go out after work and we usually eat more than we drink. Our idea of a binge is usually more aimed at food than alcohol.

There are rumours of a staff karaoke battle on the horizon though, which will definitely require the right form of social lubrication. We are a small team, and a few of us consider ourselves ok singers, I’m sure it will get competitive.

Bring on the Bohemian Rhapsody and the cringy Bon Jovi!

This year BOTAB goes Goth – what one “goth” song do you love?

I cant seem to get through a day at work without Kat chucking on her spotify playlist. We end up hearing “Beautiful People”, by Marilyn Manson at least once a day.

I thinking I’m developing a love hate relationship with that song!

What else is on your playlist right now?

I’ve been thrashing Bon Iver heaps lately. His voice is rad, and I love how thick and smooth his sounds are. Beautiful. I am a massive Radiohead nerd too. Can’t turn down a bit of Tool either, or anything involving Maynard James Keenan to be honest.

We hear you rock the print world for wedding and other event invites—can we get a deal for the peeps from BOTAB?

Absolutely, we are running a promotion this month for our Wedding design and stationery. If you tag a friend who’s getting married on the facebook page (www.facebook.com/prontoprintanddesign) this month and they will go in the draw to win $150 towards their wedding design or printing. Plus, BOTAB peeps can have a 30% discount on the wedding stationery, just by mentioning they are part of BOTAB! Easy.

BOTAB peeps wanting to check out more about Mikey and the Pronto team should head to their website

www.prontoprint.co.nz or their FB www.facebook.com/prontoprintanddesign

or check out Mike’ys band - www.facebook.com/outsideinnz

Mikey Brown - Owner / Operator

p. 021 266 7438

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Pronto Promo