​​Much Moore Ice-Cream are bringing the yum to BOTAB 2015 for the fourth year in a row.

Much Moore Ice-Cream

Posted 12 August 2015.

​Much Moore Ice-Cream are bringing the yum to BOTAB 2015 for the fourth year in a row. We talk bacon, Bourbon and maple ice-cream with CEO Marcus Moore

​FISH and CAANZ are very excited to have the Team from Much Moore Ice Cream back at BOTAB for the 4th year!

We chatted with CEO Marcus Moore to find out more about Much Moore, ice-cream and designing ice-cream flavours!

So Marcus – you are Much Moore… tell us a little about yourself and your fabulous ice-cream!

I’ve been making Ice cream for 20 years this year and it certainly feels like a lifetime. Its definitely been challenging. It started as humble beginnings and I can now say I’ve made close to 300 million litres of ice cream in my time. I love the joy my products bring to people and its great when we receive emails and letters from our customers saying how much they love our products.

Aside from delicious ice-cream – what is your favourite food?

I’m bit of a foodie so it’s hard to single out anything in particular. Current faves at the moment are most things slow-cooked, lamb shanks have been big this winter. The scrambled eggs and sausies at Dizengoff , the Westmere butcher’s cheese sizzlers and any of our Italian heritage family dinners

Much Moore – we love you – why do you love coming back each year to BOTAB?

I think it’s a superb event. So cool to see such a creative industry gets together and exposes their talents. Everyone always looks to be having such a great time.

Coolest prize in the world for our winning band – getting to develop an ice-cream flavour and then having a batch made to send clients, friends and family! WooHoo! Marcus, tell us “Moore”…

It’s actually a very involved and quite complex process to bring some of the desired flavours and concepts together. We give the winner a creative license. Once we have the concept we get our development team together to figure out how we are going to bring the flavours and ingredients together to actually taste good- Which is quite a challenge.

Bacon, Bourbon and Maple (made for DAN – last year’s BOTAB Winners) for example was quite difficult and I’m really pleased with the flavour profile we have ended up with.

We have heard rumours about some of the BOTAB “created” flavours – perhaps you could enlighten us on past winning combos!

WE are just about to run the 2014 BOTAB prize which is Bacon , Bourbon and Maple! We actually think this is going to be quite nice on pancakes or waffles as a morning treat…

One of the previous combos I liked was Blue Razz which was a blueberry ice cream and popping candy!

BOTAB is notorious for being THE most fun event on the Advertising Calendar, what’s the most fun the team at Much Moore have?

Eating our own new inventions

This year BOTAB goes Goth – what one “goth” song do you love?

My goth interest is probably described as a bit poppy and new wave Goth so it would be Robert Smith, The Cure. A number of their earlier albums were favourites and singles such as Fire in Cairo and A Forest, come to mind.

We liken ourselves as a rock star industry – what’s the rock star ice-cream flavour?

Much Moore Chocolate Cookies and Fudge is the lead singer, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on Drums, Limonata Cheescake on Backup vocals and our two Awesome Foursome’s on Guitar

So we all want to know what new flavours you have coming out for summer – go on….give us the goss!

Sorry can’t say, but keep a look out, it’s always good!!

Can we recommend a Pineapple Pina Colada? Or maybe we have to win BOTAB to make that dream a reality! Thanks for chatting Marcus – see you at BOTAB – you bring the ice-creams!!!