Posted 15 January 2019.



One of the most challenging issues our agency people face is having ‘those difficult conversations’ with the people they manage. Developing employment processes and a set of skills which deal with these conversations is key to avoiding time-consuming and lengthy employment disputes.

Using an actual case study, Anthony will demonstrate how an apparently simple conversation between a supervisor and a subordinate can turn into both sides ‘lawyering up.’

In a second case study, Anthony will deal with the skills needed to conduct a performance review, the points to be aware of, and demonstrate how missing ‘the cues’ can lead to serious personal and legal outcomes including defending claims of bullying and harassment.


If you manage people at any level, this seminar is essential to your personal skill development. Anthony will share how to ‘check in,’ manage those difficult conversations, when to take the issue to a higher level, and how to develop an understanding of legal processes to avoid employment disputes.


Anthony Drake has worked with the Advertising and Communications Industry for over 20 years and is familiar with its culture and consequential challenges. A trusted advisor to many, his knowledge and presentation style will ensure the employment information you receive is relevant, valuable and applicable to your people management needs.

DATE: Thursday 28 February 2019

TIME: 7.30am
8am (start) - 9am
Light breakfast will be served

VENUE: Wynn Williams Lawyers
Level 25, Vero Centre
48 Shortland St, Auckland

Parking is limited - we advise taxi or Uber

COST: $85+GST p/p for Comms Council/ANZA Members
$135+GST p/p for non-members

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P: +64 9 303 0435

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