Effies Sponsor |  Neuro-Insight

Posted 22 September 2021.

​Neuro-Insight to put Effie finalist creative through neuro-science fieldwork.

As part of our support for the awards, we have agreed with the organising committee to place some of the finalists’ creative through neuroscience fieldwork and share some generic insights with the industry. In working with clients, along with mounting independent evidence, we commonly see that a significant share of impact can be attributed to creative alone. We know it’s the single most powerful ‘communications lever’ at your disposal.

We’ve routinely seen the link between Memory Encoding, Emotion and highly effective creativity, so we look forward to providing a pure neuro lens on the Effie’s. Drawing from Cannes and previous Effie’s winners, we’ll provide perspectives on how and why the NZ winners delivered successful outcomes and ROI. Our vision being to re-invest and support the industry.

In the fieldwork we will be using the patented Steady-State Topography (SST) technology. SST measures the participants brain activity, tracked in synch with both the creative and media context they are consuming. The brain processing we measure is in the subconscious, which is responsible for the majority of our decision making. This neuroscience methodology has been peer reviewed and validated by the scientific community. Also, independent comparison with outputs from econometric modelling has proven an 86% correlation with ROI in market.

Our measures enable us to identify, second by second, the levels of consumer Engagement, Emotional Intensity, whether the experience is positive or negative and most importantly Long-Term Memory Encoding. High levels of Long-Term Memory Encoding have been proven to drive future behaviour – especially if it takes place at key moments of messaging and branding.

We look forward to supporting this year’s Effie’s.