Effies Leaderboard

Posted 23 October 2019.

​​The theme of the Effies this year is ‘Taking the step up”. This year we will also be recognising the individual marketers who have inspired great work from their agencies and fought for it in their organisations.

Starting at the 2019 Effies, we’ll be acknowledging and elevating the people behind Effie-winning work. It isn’t just about agencies executing outstanding campaigns. It’s also about having great marketing clients - marketers who are bold, strategic, determined, creative and brave – and empower their agencies to be the same.

This year we’ve created a leader board showing New Zealand’s most effective marketers based on Effie results; a marketer scores:

  • 2 points for a Finalist
  • 4 for a Bronze
  • 6 for Silver
  • 8 for Gold
  • 12 for the Grand Effie

But we think effectiveness is a long-term thing, so the leader board will build and shift over time - the points you earn next year will build on the points you’ve earned this year – showing a true picture of those marketers who deliver the most effective communications for their organisations. A marketer will keep his or her points, even if they move on to a different company.

Click here to view the Effies Leaderboard

The Effies Leaderboard will always be accessible via the Comms Council homepage and will be updated after Effies each year.