Effies 2020 | A View from the Industry - Paul Head

Posted 1 July 2020.

​We almost didn’t have an Effie Awards programme this year. In fact, at one point we’d made the decision not to go ahead.

The Covid shutdown had hobbled the economy and there were serious questions over whether agencies and advertisers would have the resource or inclination to write papers.

But Effie isn’t just another industry awards programme. It’s unique in that its sole purpose is to interrogate and celebrate work that delivers attributable results, proving the value of marketing and the investment that businesses make in it.

For that reason, we concluded that Effie this year and next is more important than ever.

As we move from dealing with the immediate health crisis to weathering the inevitable storm of recession, hard evidence of the kind Effie provides will be a critical proof point that marketing and advertising are economic growth engines.

In NZ we’ve done a world class job in closing down Covid 19, but there’s been a significant economic price to pay and we’re only at the start of that journey. But I have to believe we can do an equally world leading job in getting our economy back up to speed quickly. And as an important economic growth engine, I think the marketing community has a key role to play in that process.

No one is saying that it’s easy to win the internal battle to continue to invest in your brand during a recession, and sometimes it’s not credible to argue that without evidence. Effie helps in that regard.

So, let’s fight to continue to build our brands through this recession. The evidence is clear; those of us that succeed in this will come through the recession stronger and more profitable than those that don’t.

Good luck.

​Paul Head - CEO, Comms Council