Comms Council Graduate Programme Now Open

Posted 1 August 2022.

​​Comms Council Graduate Programme 2023

The Comms Council runs an annual graduate recruitment programme on behalf of its member agencies. Agencies look for people from diverse backgrounds who are smart, curious, willing to learn and creative thinkers.

The Graduate Programme begins between mid-January and early February 2023. The paid fixed-term contract will run to the end of October 2023, with the vast majority of participants receiving full-time contracts on completion of the programme.

As a Comms Council Graduate you will receive a place on the highly acclaimed Foundations of Advertising & Media Course during 2023, support from our Young Leaders Group, the First Five Rungs, and a minimum starting salary of $50,000 per annum.

Roles we are looking for

We are seeking all great talent, with the following entry level roles available through our recruitment programme:

Account Executive

  • Account Management people are the go-between with the client and agency team.
  • For this role, you’ll be a people person; a great communicator and mediator.
  • You’ll have strong attention to detail.
  • You’ll be good at organising, planning and making the numbers balance.
  • You’ll know a good idea when you see it and be able to articulate why.

Media Assistant

  • Media puts things in the right place, in front of the right people.
  • They know what everyone is watching, clicking and reading.
  • To work in Media you need to be strategic, inquisitive and analytical.
  • You’ll be good with spreadsheets and charts.
  • Numeracy is essential. It’s also creative.
  • You’ll be a lateral thinker - working out the smartest ways to reach specific audiences.

Digital Marketing, Data & Tech

  • You’ll know your Instagram from your TikTok.
  • You’ll be comfortable with websites, apps, basic coding, banner ads and all things digital.
  • You’ll be future-focused, capable of getting familiar with the next big thing; Web3, NFTs, whatever’s next.
  • Data is huge. It won’t frighten you.
  • You’ll see patterns and trends, what works, what doesn’t.

Experiential Assistant

  • Experiential Marketing is all about creating engaging and memorable experiences and events.
  • You’ll be no stranger to planning a party or event.
  • You’ll be organised and creative.
  • You will get excited about coming up with ideas for events and experiences but equally excited making them happen.

What do you need to do?

First up, get familiar with the world of advertising. Pay attention to the ads that you see, start thinking about what they are trying to achieve, who they are targeting, what they want people to do.

Check out our member agencies. Look at their work. If you like what you see, and want to pursue a career in our industry you’re ready to apply.

Send us the following:

- A CV. We know. You probably don’t have a list of 10 jobs. But tell us what we need to know about your life so far in the CV - what experience do you have in work, in organisations, clubs, neighbourhood groups, and the skills you’ve picked up along the way.

- A “cover letter”: Tell us about something you are passionate about – it can could be a 3 – 5min video, a PowerPoint presentation or just a simple letter – anything you want to create which tells us about you in a unique way.

When you’ve got your CV and cover letter sorted, email them to us.

Make sure to do the following;

In the header, put ‘Comms Council Grad Programme Application 2023 - along with your full name’

Attach the CV and your “cover letter”

Let us know:

Your preferred name and pronouns

Your email address and best contact number (and how you want us to get in touch)

What University you are graduating from

In 2023, are you planning on moving if there is a role outside of your current city?

If there is a particular role you are interested in (it’s ok if you are not sure, we can help!)

If there is anything we can do to make the process easier for you let us know

Send it to