CEO Update September 2021 |  Paul Head

Posted 22 September 2021.

​So, those of us in Auckland are finally moving out of Level 4 and it feels pretty good, I have to say. Everyone I’m talking to tells me that these last 5 week have been perhaps some of the hardest since the uncertainty of April last year.

Despite that, talking to members over the past few weeks there’s also a feeling that business has continued much more smoothly than under previous restrictions. Agencies are busy and clients haven’t cut budgets like we saw the last time we were in L4 for this long.

And as a nation we’ve been in our bubble of 5 million so long we sometimes forget how the rest of the world is faring. I talk frequently with my peers in New York, London, Brussels, Sydney, Toronto and several other places. What’s obvious talking to them is that Covid is again becoming a major issue as economies attempt to open up and third and fourth waves of the virus are taking hold, albeit with lower death tolls than we’ve seen in previous outbreaks. Businesses are being impacted and are concerned the current approach may not be sustainable. They all see NZ as being in a very fortunate position, even the in the current circumstances.

The team here at the Comms Council is staying focused on the big issues our industry is facing and we’re here to help. As always, please feel free to contact us if there’s any way we can assist.