CAANZ becomes Commercial Communications Council

Posted 4 May 2017.

The Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand has undergone a change of identity and will now be known as the Commercial Communications Council.

​With the industry broadening well beyond traditional agency boundaries it was time the body reflected these changes. No matter what the name though, the purpose of the Commercial Communications Council remains the same; to represent the interests of members on issues affecting the industry, and to champion the contribution that the creative thinking of our members makes to New Zealand business and society.

The three C’s succinctly sum up the essence of the body. Commercial, as we are engaged in business at our core. Communications, as this is the primary role of the industry. And Council, a panel of experienced professional advisors.

A new logo symbolising the three C’s and the multiple members at its core has been designed by Special Group.

Paul Head, Comms Council CEO says:

“As the Commercial Communications Council, our role continues to be to champion the contribution the creative thinking of our members makes to New Zealand business and society.

We work to promote our members and their interests and tackle issues on their behalf. We work closely with a broad range of industry stakeholders including clients, media owners and government to make sure our members have a voice. We also provide industry leading training and professional development to ensure the industry is equipped for the changing landscape and we have active programmes to support diversity and inclusiveness in the industry as well as for fostering young talent”.