About the PREScom Awards

Posted 21 September 2018.

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​What are the PREScom Awards all about?

The Communication Council’s PR, Experiential and Social Media Committee (PREScom) was established in 2008 to raise awareness of the value of PR, Experiential and Social Media services for clients.

As part of its drive to promote best practice in these industries, PREScom is launching an awards programme and event with the goal of bringing the industry and clients together to recognise and celebrate the best work in New Zealand.

The inaugural PREScom Awards 2018 is your opportunity to showcase your achievements in PR, Experiential and Social Media throughout 2017 and 2018. The awards will highlight the most effective campaigns in their categories and fields, showing exceptional results for clients and their brands.

The Awards will be overseen and judged by a jury panel of industry experts working on leading global brands and the best agencies in the country.

Why you should enter the PREScom Awards

- Prove that you are the best in the industry

- Motivate your team

- Gain new business

- Impress and showcase your clients

- Recruit amazing new talent and retain your best

- Beat your competition

- Attend the networking and celebration event of the year!

- Showcase the power of PR, Experiential and Social Media

The PREScom Awards are open to all NZ-based agencies and in-house communication teams, both Comms Council members and non-members.

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