ASA Update

Posted 27 February 2020.

‚Äč2020 Election and Referenda Advertising

In preparation for the upcoming election, the ASA has revised its election advertising process to manage the likely increase in complaints and to assist industry and consumers in understanding possible code breaches in the context of election advertising. This information is expected to be made available at the end of February. The ASA works with the BSA, the Electoral Commission and the NZ Media Council on matters relating to election advertising and programme content. There will be training opportunities announced as part of the resource launch.

Community Standards Research

The ASA is currently working on reviewing national NZ community standards and the IPSOS survey is currently out in field. The results are due in at the end of February and will be shared with the industry and government in April/May. Generally prevailing community standards are often referred to in complaints board decisions on social responsibility issues but the ASA has not previously commissioned specific research in this area. The research has been designed to inform on a range of themes that regularly come up in the complaints process, including safety issues, the use of stereotypes and sexual appeal to sell an unrelated product.

Future proofing the ASA: the complaints process review

The ASA Governance Board has agreed to a substantive review of the complaints process to ensure it is fit for purpose now and looking forward. A project brief is being finalised and along with an environment scan and a robust assessment of the role technology could play, there will be an opportunity for stakeholders to comment at an early stage and also provide feedback on preferred models in due course.

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