Announcing the launch of the Aotearoa Effectiveness Database

Posted 29 July 2022.

​The Commercial Communications Council is pleased to announce the launch of the Aotearoa Effectiveness Database.

The Effectiveness Database will collect critical data relating to marketing and advertising effectiveness, over time providing critical insights to inform more effective work. The Aotearoa Effectiveness Database will provide consistent data to enable future comparisons with Australia’s Effectiveness Database. We are very grateful to the Ad Council Australia for providing access to their questionnaire structure.

Data will be collected in parallel with Effie Aotearoa 2022 entries, building the first data set, which will grow in the years ahead.

Entrants to Effie will be asked to complete the Effectiveness Database Questionnaire separately. All data will be confidential. The Comms Council is grateful to James Hurman, who will be the Approved Consultant for the Effectiveness Database, providing insights and reports from the Database when sufficient data is accessible.

We thank all Effie entrants in advance for taking the additional time to complete the Questionnaire and contributing to this essential asset for Aotearoa effectiveness.

To find out more and to enter this year’s Effie Awards Click Here.