Wayne Lotherington Workshop - Consumer Insights, The Inner View

Posted 2 May 2018.

“Great communication has always been based on deep human Insights.”

Wayne Lotherington is one of our most highly respected and sought after international trainers. Best known for is course, ‘The Machine’, he will now offer a relevant and timely course to focus on the importance of insights, how to identify and use them to develop more effective and targeted communications. The course, ‘Consumer Insights’ has been successfully delivered to global audiences and now, for the first time, is being offered in New Zealand.

These days, we can’t escape the use of the word ‘insights’ as we talk about everything from target markets, to consumer behaviour and connecting with customers.

But the concept of insights is not new. Great communication has always been based on deep human insights.

What is new however, is the ability to identify Insights “on demand” through effective training and exercises that capture The Inner View.


The Inner View is the ability to identify what does not meet the eye. The ability to find the Inner truth… that obscure something that shows a brand empathizes with the target market.

The Inner View workshop is designed to enable participants to look beyond the superficial to find the connection between a brand and its target audience using proven methods for Insight Generation (IG).


The workshop’s objective is to understand Insights, their origin and uses, and to unearth relevant and motivating insights - in order to develop more effective and targeted communications to grow your client’s business, or your own.

The Insights we uncover can be used for a single communication or to shape the brand positioning and drive all marketing activities, from long-term strategic thinking to short term tactics.


The workshop is themed to “sight”. The obvious is what we can easily see. But there’s more to people than meets the eye. The more useful is what we can only see with Insight.


• Defining Insights and why they are fundamental to effective Communication

• Identifying Insights in existing communications

• How to find relevant Insights for specific target markets (three methods are discussed and practiced)

• How to express an Insight in order to inspire better communication

• Five unmistakable global trends

• Local market trends and predictions

• ‘Live cases’ where teams can explore Insights related to their specific client’s target market.


This workshop is of most value to senior and middle level Communications and Marketing people whether in Management, Media, or Account Management – agencies or clients/brands will benefit. The ideal number of participants for this workshop is up to 16.


Duration: The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days.

Dates: Thursday 14 June and Friday 15 June

Venue: Heritage Hotel

Cost: $1500.00 + GST per person


To register, email Kate Cronin Smith – kate@commscouncil.nz

For further information contact Marlen Smith – marlen@commscouncil.nz | 09 303 0435

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