Important Changes - Effie Awards 2017 in association with TVNZ

Posted 20 June 2017.

​This year Effies is bringing attention to long term success; campaigns that have gone beyond short term returns and created genuine lasting change for an organisation. As part of this, the eligible entry dates for Effies has been extended backwards in order to create a more open window of eligibility for these long-term success stories. The intention of these new dates is to allow long term campaigns from the last 2 years an opportunity to demonstrate their success across a longer period of time than previously available.

NEW* Eligibility Period: Marketing communications campaigns (& results) that ran in NZ between 15 June 2015 and 15 June 2017 will be eligible to enter.

  • However, it is the expectation that any papers entered in the 2017 Effies that are now eligible for a second time must demonstrate additional success and results post June 2016 to be considered again.
  • All category descriptions, entry forms and judging forms have been revised slightly to draw focus to longer-term thinking where possible. Please read your entry forms carefully. Note the 5% now in every results section awarded for any longer term or sustained results.
  • The entry category “Limited budget” has been reduced from $300k to $100k to reflect a limited budget locally
  • Effie Worldwide has formed a partnership with the PVBLIC Foundation and are working to support the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development globally. We have therefore added two questions at point of entry to Effies this year that will give us important data surrounding the Sustainable Development Goals in different countries, and will contribute to helping the PVBLIC Foundation & UN gain a better understanding of what marketers are doing to foster positive change globally. Read about the SDGs HERE
  • Please note your entry may be published after the Effie Awards in its entirety. For the GOLD winners we will provide the opportunity to INDEX any sensitive information previously supplied in RED. This will allow the best examples of effective advertising to be available for sharing and learning purposes.
  • Facebook and social media images are NOT allowed to be pasted into the entries and quotes must be written out in full. These images can be used as part of the supporting images for stage 2.